Monday, December 20, 2010

This is why science matters!

again..lazy post from work but seriously...Genetic Sequencing Used to Identify and Treat Unknown Disease ... basically this boy had a never before seen bowel disease and had over 100 surgeries because his intestines were trying to kill him. Doctors, with no better idea decided to sequence his genome (Fuckin' sweet) and actually identified a single gene (out or 20,000) that was mutated in a novel way(Fuckin's sweeter) and verified that it was the culprit, then they found a compatible donor and got stem cells from a Chord Blood Transplant (Sweet Jesus that's Fuckin' Sweet) and now he can finally be normal...This is Why SCIENCE MATTERS!!

now we need to contact Matt and Tray and get a Science-y version of this song...

Science...Fuck Yeah!

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