Thursday, December 23, 2010

whats the harm?

A quick link to a BBC article about the harm caused to children by complementary and alternative medicine:
Alternative remedies 'dangerous' for kids says report
From the article: "Children don't make decisions themselves about their treatment; very often it is their parents, and parents can be misguided by the 50 million alternative medicine websites. The children are victims of lots of nonsense and false claims."

Monday, December 20, 2010

This is why science matters!

again..lazy post from work but seriously...Genetic Sequencing Used to Identify and Treat Unknown Disease ... basically this boy had a never before seen bowel disease and had over 100 surgeries because his intestines were trying to kill him. Doctors, with no better idea decided to sequence his genome (Fuckin' sweet) and actually identified a single gene (out or 20,000) that was mutated in a novel way(Fuckin's sweeter) and verified that it was the culprit, then they found a compatible donor and got stem cells from a Chord Blood Transplant (Sweet Jesus that's Fuckin' Sweet) and now he can finally be normal...This is Why SCIENCE MATTERS!!

now we need to contact Matt and Tray and get a Science-y version of this song...

Science...Fuck Yeah!

Friday, December 17, 2010

End of the year party

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we are having a year end party this saturday at 7pm. Call or email for directions.
Bring drinks and snacks and it should be a good time!
Hope to see everyone there!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monkeys + Radiation = ??

just a quickie...apparently NASA had a project on the table (just announced to be put on hold for money reasons) to Irradiate 27 Squirrel monkeys with high intensity Gamma radiation.
Article Linked here

The purpose is to test the effects of long duration space flight (ie to Mars...).
**Side note, if the generation ship becomes a reality and they are offering one-way tickets to Mars to set up longer term colonies or bases or whatnot, SIGN ME UP!!**

Quick question...isn't Gamma radiation what caused mild mannered Bruce Banner to become the Green Machine of Destruction known as The Hulk?

Seriously while there are clearly animal welfare ethics issues to discuss here, I actually am glad that people are serious about understanding what the hell MIGHT happen if someone spends a decent amount of time (months) entirely exposed to radiation levels that don't exist in orbit around the earth.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Science Cafe and Meeting Saturday

Sorry for the short notice again, but science cafe is tonight, the lecture starts at 6, so arrive earlier than that if you want food or drink. Should be a good talk
Speaker: Dr. Sue James Co-Director
Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence in Musculoskeletal Research, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Topic: Orthopedic Biomaterials and for Joint Repair.

Dr. James will discuss the polymeric materials invented in her research laboratory over the last decade. The approach has been to make the synthetic plastics traditionally used in total joint replacements more like natural cartilage by infusing the plastic with natural biomolecules. These materials are currently undergoing clinical trials in the U.K.

Dr. Sue James Bio:

Dr. Susan P. James is Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. She is also a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at CSU. She was raised in the Midwest (Lincoln, NE and the Chicagoland area) and went to school in Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon) and Boston (MIT). She came to CSU in 1994 as an assistant professor. She is the founder and former Director of the School of Biomedical Engineering at CSU. Her research on biomaterials has focused largely on orthopedic applications of polymers and has lead to the development of novel implant materials. She lives in Rist Canyon with her husband and two sons.

Find out more at

Also meet this week at Avo's at 7pm on saturday!