Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monkeys + Radiation = ??

just a quickie...apparently NASA had a project on the table (just announced to be put on hold for money reasons) to Irradiate 27 Squirrel monkeys with high intensity Gamma radiation.
Article Linked here

The purpose is to test the effects of long duration space flight (ie to Mars...).
**Side note, if the generation ship becomes a reality and they are offering one-way tickets to Mars to set up longer term colonies or bases or whatnot, SIGN ME UP!!**

Quick question...isn't Gamma radiation what caused mild mannered Bruce Banner to become the Green Machine of Destruction known as The Hulk?

Seriously while there are clearly animal welfare ethics issues to discuss here, I actually am glad that people are serious about understanding what the hell MIGHT happen if someone spends a decent amount of time (months) entirely exposed to radiation levels that don't exist in orbit around the earth.

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