Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ahhh, College News

So today i was innocently reading the Collegian, CSU's daily news paper and came across an article that just made me sad for the world.

Group seeks truth on UFO activity-
First off- is this seriously newsworthy? Why are we even wasting time on nutcases? I guess the answer to this is that they managed to get a (and I quote) "ballot initiative that aims to create transparency in the government concerning all UFO related matters, as well as to form a committee to prepare for any future contact with extraterrestrial beings."

So, do i think that this may be newsworthy since we are now using government funds to deal with the crazy people? maybe...

Some of this groups major claims are that colorado is a hot spot for UFO activity and “There have been six to seven alien civilizations that have interacted with our planet throughout history,” Siblerud said. “They aren’t that much different than what we are; we share similar DNA. Some people can even communicate with them with their minds.”

Which would all be easily written off as just a typical conspiracy theory, but these people make the claim that they "are both followers of the new science movement, which aims to apply scientific practices to principles that mainstream academia would classify as the paranormal."

Seriously? I personally would like to see what kind of proof they have for these civilizations that have visited earth, but then of course, with statements like:

Both Peckman and Siblerud hear what naysayers have to say about their movements, but there is little that can be said that deters them or their beliefs.

I really don't feel like there is much actual science involved in their investigations.

Anyways, read the rest of the article, if you forget that they are talking about real people, its rather funny.

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  1. The real problem they are having is that science has been applied to these claims . . . that is why they are classified as paranormal (code for bullshit) =)