Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Asking Questions

One favorite tactic of those who are strong with the woo, is to claim they are “just asking questions,” or preface non-sequiturs with “isn’t it funny that.”

For Example:

Isn’t it funny that the man accused of JFKs assassination was killed before he could get a chance to talk?

They have insulated themselves from really taking any kind of stance or having to support their claim with evidence, because they are “just asking questions.”  It’s a great way to pretend you have legitimate concerns, when in actuality you are just being iconoclastic.

Another Huge benefit of this tactic is that if any skeptic points out that no real argument has been made they can be accused of “trying to silence the questioners,” which is more evidence for a cover-up.

Since most of this blogs readers are familiar with this tactic I’m not going to shred it here, instead I’m just going to ask some questions . . . the righteous have nothing to fear.

1.       Isn’t it funny that Murders in Chicago peaked in 1974, just two years after the birth of Jenny McCarthy?
2.       Don’t you find it strange that Oprah Winfrey has never accounted for her whereabouts during the planning stages of 9-11?
3.       I wonder why you never see pictures of Pope Ratzinger and Hitler together in the same place at the same time?
4.       Isn’t it funny how wherever Sylvia Brown goes, people keep asking her about their brutally murdered loved ones?
5.       Isn’t it strange that since the birth of Uri Geller in Israel there have been thousands of deaths in the Middle East, and no long lasting peace arrangements?
6.       Don’t you find it weird that Fred Phelps has never once denied blowing Andy Dick in a corolla parked behind a Dairy Queen after the Pam Anderson roast?
7.       Why hasn’t Pat Robertson produced evidence that he wasn’t in collusion with Charles Manson at the time of the Sharon Tate murder?
8.       Isn’t it weird that children have been sexually exploited in every major city Glenn Beck broadcasts too?
9.       Why hasn’t Ray Comfort specifically denied paying migrant workers to pleasure him using frozen bananas as make shift strap ons?
10.   Why hasn’t Ken Hamm released creation museum security camera footage which would prove he doesn’t dress in a pink teddy and wander the museum at night, practicing autoerotic asphyxiation by hanging himself from the plaster genitals of the dinosaur exhibits?

You see, by ending statements with a question mark, I can imply whatever I want, it’s neither libelous nor irresponsible, after all . . . I’m only asking questions.

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